Explained: This is why Yamada Yuki dating Nishino Nanase

Josei Seven reported that Yamada Yuki (32) and Nishino Nanase (29) are dating. They first met two years ago at NHK program 'LIFE' in 2021 and started dating in the beginning of this year. The two are currently living together at Yamada's house.

yamada yuki dating nishino nanase married

Both have good impressions on their first met and the distance between the two became even closer when co-starred in drama "Hakozume". They became friends because shared same hobby likes online game.

Yamada who knew that their hobbies matched each other, asked for contact  information from a mutual acquaintance, and it is said that he began to  keep in touch with Nishino in real life.

Yamada Yuuki & Nishino Nanase are said to be dating as reported by NEWS Post Seven on 5 Jul 2023; their agencies both said that this is their private matter and will leave it to them to handle. 

Yamada Yuki and Nishino Nanase are in a serious relationship and currently living together! 

They met about two years ago in the program  NHK “LIFE!” in July 2021.

They celebrate Nishino Nanase birthday together this year on 25th May.

If Nishino Nanase, a former member of the Japanese idol group Nogizaka46, were to be dating Yamada Yuki, a known individual or celebrity, it would be considered a matter of personal choice and happiness for the individuals involved. 

Relationships and dating are personal matters, and everyone has the right to pursue romantic connections with whomever they choose, regardless of their profession or public image.

Fans and the public may have varying reactions to such news, depending on their personal investment in the celebrities involved. 

Some fans might be happy and supportive, respecting their idols' personal lives and relationships. Lots of them even hoping this couple to have marriage soon in near future.

Others might feel a sense of disappointment or sadness if they had developed an emotional attachment to one of the celebrities involved.

Ultimately, it's important to remember that Nishino Nanase and Yamada Yuki are dating, yes they are celebrities and fans should understand that celebrities are also human beings who have the right to pursue happiness and personal relationships. 

It's up to individuals to respect their choices and provide support if they truly care about their favorite idols or public figures.

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