Buxda.com Earn Free Robux For Roblox Legit Site?

Some people keeps asking me to review Buxda.com Robux Generator site which has been widely used by gamers. Actually, we have do several trial and error to get evidence if Buxda legit or scam page? Now we have conclusions!

buxda com robux free roblox

What is Buxda. Com? It was claimed to be Free Robux giveaway site available on this internet era. To be honest, as a Roblox player I do want a lot of Robux but it seems kinda tough to get them without purchasing in-game products.

YouTubers, TikTokers, and some streamers on Twitch & Facebook have been talking about Buxda.com in the past few days with the  claiming to have getting Free Robux using this tools. 

Kibezaka Team did the research and tried to visit Buxda com for like several times a day to make sure we got what they've promised to everyone else, tons of Free Robux. 

But then a big question show up, is Buxda.com safe or not? Is it legit or scam website? Are they truly give us Pet Simulator, oufit, Free Robux Buxda, certain gift codes. 

On Twitter I have asked one of American gamers in community people were trying to use this generator tool. At least two of them says they have modified characters already with Robux they've got, getting waist accessory, styling avatar with a Particle Wizard. 

"My avatar looks more attractive, I used the coupons and code and submitted these on Buxda.com to be exchanged with amazing in-game items." 

So here's our guide to get Buxda com Free Robux: 

1. Visit their official page on https://www.Buxda.com

2. Then, you'll be redirected to main Buxda com page.

3. Submit your codes if you have one, or username if you haven't yet. Don't send any other data there.

4. Tap on "Generate" button available. Wait a minute and it will shows notification that you've successfully claiming a Robux. 

Now you need to wait for Robux to come to your Roblox account. How long should you waiting in this step? Depends. It's actually based on Buxda queue, but on forum some users says only to wait 3-5 business days. 

Roblox is a vast world where you can do whatever you want, play with friends, style and change your avatar, express your creative side and much more. 

In a big game with thousands of players, of course you want to be different, right? Wearing cool and beautiful clothes that suit your style. 

That is how you get free robux from Buxda.com easily on Android app, iOS iPhone, PC Web, PlayStation, Xbox, and on iPadOS. Good luck!

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