What Is MEET48, The SNH48 Metaverse Explained

MEET48 development is still ongoing, an exciting future for SNH48 Group. MEET48 is the largest acting meta universe economic platform in Asia with agencies in several countries including China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam.

MEET48 SNH48 Metaverse

METAVERSE SNH48 GROUP hereby has 2 different domains, so it's possible META48 (for the Chinese market) while MEET48 (for the international market). 

MEET48, metaverse with over 100 million investment, virtual idol, NFT track. The world's largest entertainment agency performing arts metaverse. Future airdrop tokens and land. 

Parent company audition online, SNH48, 10 billion web2 company. SNH is already bigger than AKB48, but this huge step would make them one of biggest idol group ecosystem in Asia or even the world. 

Team from MEET48 announced as of this week. 

• Aaron (Founder & CEO of UQPAY blockchain fintetch venture firm from Singapore, Former Senior VP of online game developer and publisher 9You) 

• Jason (Former Senior VP of SNH48 App "Pocket48", Founder & CEO of 17mobile Tenc inc (Taiwan), VP game developer and publisher of 9You) 

• Ken (Former VP and head of international BD SNH48GROUP, former director of international content division for New Culture Media Group) 

• Danny (Former director at Fosun Group (Hongkong), Form director and China Chief Representative of Springland International Group) 

• Yi Siqi (Former Senior VP of development at 9You with 16 years experience in game development and 5 years experience in Blockchain DAPP Development) 

• Kim (Founder & CEO of ZANYBROS STUDIO and Astro Video Inc, and producer and director of over 300 Music Videos for BTS, BingBang, Blackpink, Girls Generation and SNH48GROUP.)

MEET48 is a proof of concept that utilize natural characteristics of the Idol Economy and integrates it with Web3 in a seamless fashion. Hope it bridges the gap between Web3 users and the Idol Fan Community.

STAR48 have also announced SNH48GROUP REQUEST TIME 2023

• Concert 7 January 2023
• Handshake Event 8-9 January 2023
• Location/Venue: Suzhuo / Hangzhou
• TOP30 Song
• A new sister group, coming soon.

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